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Attorney Profile

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Sally Ring is a criminal defense attorney based in Houston, Texas. With over 25 years of experience advocating on both sides of the aisle, she is uniquely qualified due to her diverse criminal justice background.  Her collective legal experience has given her specialized expertise that enables her to listen to a client’s story, critically analyze the issues, and provide insight, advice and strategy.


A graduate of Southern Methodist University, Sally began her criminal justice career at the University of Houston Law Center, participating on successful mock trial teams while interning at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. After becoming a licensed attorney in 1992, she was immediately hired by the DA’s office as a prosecutor, where she spent the next 16 years working in the trial bureau and specialized divisions.  Sally was able to go to trial on over 100 cases in her career, establishing her reputation as a talented and aggressive trial lawyer. In addition for being known for her willingness to to try tough cases, she also gained a reputation for her ability to analyze each case to reach a fair and just result.  


Sally was hired in 2008 as a Staff Attorney for the Houston Police Officers Union, representing police officers in administrative matters, disciplinary hearings, criminal investigations, and responding to critical incidents.   She was often faced with intense adversarial situations on behalf of her clients, and was committed to never compromising their best interests in the face of political pressure. It was through this position that she gained valuable insight into the law enforcement perspective of a criminal case, which makes her uniquely equipped to represent anyone accused of a crime.  


Her criminal defense practice has spanned representation of clients charged with a wide range of crimes in Houston and surrounding counties. Sally is respected by her peers, due to her aggressive, knowledgeable, and professional approach.  She knows that any criminal charge can have devastating consequences for an individual’s life and livelihood, and will pursue every avenue to see that a just result is gained for her client. She truly has a passion for the zealous representation of criminal accused.

Practice Overview

Sally is licensed to practice in the State of Texas and federal court in the Southern District of Texas.  Her practice has led to representation of clients in Harris and surrounding counties, including Montgomery, Fort Bend, Galveston, and Brazoria County, Texas.  Her representation includes clients accused of every misdemeanor and felony offense, including theft, drug possession, DWI, Assault, civil rights violations, official oppression, robbery, vehicular crimes, domestic violence, and other crimes against the person.    


Law Enforcement 


Sally understands that sometimes even law enforcement need representation.  She spent nearly a decade representing officers in every facet of job scrutiny, in both administrative and criminal investigations.  She is highly skilled and knowledgeable in this unique, specific practice area, which makes her a valuable resource, consultant, and advocate for the law enforcement officer facing any discipline or accusation.  She is relentless in her pursuit of justice in this area, never compromising her client's interests in the face of political pressure.



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